Tuesday, October 19, 2004

American Taliban

I find it ironic that even within the span of the presidential administration that overthrew the Taliban, there are many who suggest that the answer to this nation's problems is more religion.

Would these same people support "In Shah Allah" in American presidential addresses with the same fervor they lend to government funding of faith-based initiatives?

What part of "separation of church and state" is so easily forgotten? Are the lessons learned from the Taliban's rule of Afghanistan already a lost memory?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Privatizing Social Security

Mr. Bush proclaims the answer to all of Social Security's problems will be solved by privitization. (Funny, I always thought the answer to Social Security's problems would have been to stop Congress from spending the money and filling the fund with IOUs)

What Mr. Bush neglects to mention is that circa 2000 -- when he was elected -- a majority of American's *did* have their retirment money invested in the market.

These multitudes by now have a very keen insight into the viability of that plan. Millions of cold-footed investors staying on the sidelines for the last 4 years lend support to this hypothesis. So do the millions now planning on working well past the retirement age they had so eagerly looked forward to only 48 months ago.

So... is privatizing Social Security the answer?

You mean again?

Recovering Conservative

"True" Conservatives (also known as Religious Conservatives) are well known for their adamant rejection of all forms of abortion.

Curiously, Conservatives are also well known for their adamant refusal to offer time or funds to feed, clothe, educate or board unwanted children. They also have no qualms with executing anyone declared guilty.

One friend explains that the unborn should be protected (as the borne apparently shouldn't) because they are untouched by sin.

Is it something in the air that makes an infant sinful? Curiously Arch Conservatives don't want to pay for pre-natal care of unwanted children either, so maybe the 'air' answer isn't right either.

A Tale of Two Liars

Two liars come to you asking for a job.

Liar #1 has worked for you the past 4 years and has done a poor job. He's not even started most of his projects and the one he did start is dreadfully off track. Arguably your company is worse off now that before you hired him. Liar #1 promises to do all he promised 4 years ago and more if you re-hire him.

Liar #2 regales you with different, but no less grandios lies as Liar #1.

Who do you hire?

If you were Liar #1, who do you think *your boss* would hire?