Thursday, March 10, 2005

Solution to Airline Financial Woes

With stories of airline's woes in the papers every day, I think it's high-time we do something to change it.

My suggestion? Let's outsource the airlines!

Name one good reason an airline should even *be* in the US! Heck, their main product - an airplane - can be flown into the country any time its needed.

Airlines based in the US are mired in miles of government red tape and beauracracy. Do you have any idea how much it costs just to get an airplane certified for flight here in the US? Its astronomical! Why, an airline could save *millions* every year in maintenance costs alone!

Moving American airlines overseas makes sense on many other levels as well. Most countries that have taken American jobs don't even have decent bicycles, let alone roads. Airplanes are an excellent alternative. By flying their American-citizen CEOs directly to each jobsite, their managers can deliver much needed inspiration and leadership without all the hassle of staying for more than an hour in any one cesspool.

My plan also makes it easier to move low-paid workers from foreign lands into the US to take over those low-paying jobs that American don't want to perform, like automobile manufacturing, engineering and medicine.

I say its high time we move our airlines to other countries in order to stay competetive in the global marketplace.

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