Monday, August 22, 2005

Top 11 right-wing excuses for US's "Catastrophic Sucess" in Iraq

Well, it's looking like only a matter of time before Iraq will slide into civil war. I humbly propose the following "explanations" for use by Right-Wingers to pass on to their constituents while they stump for re-election:

11 -, I mean "terrorists"
10 - Janet Jackson's breast exposed during SuperBowl
9 - Jane Fonda
8 - Colin Powell left
7 - Creationism not taught in American schools
6 - Too much religion in Iraqi schools
5 - All Iraqi schools blown up
4 - Too many "boots on the ground" in Iraq
3 - Constitutional delegates kept slipping on rose petals meant for US soldiers
2 - Democratic "parlimentary maneuvering" in US Congress
1 - The French

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