Sunday, July 23, 2006

Outsourcing and Wishful Thinking

We got into the Iraq war due to wishful thinking.

Discarding 2,000 years of experience to the contrary to state, without laughing, that the solution to strife in the Middle East is as simple as going in a shooting people is at best wishful thinking.

[snide aside] Oooohhhhhh! You mean the reason the Middle East isn't docile is because we haven't killed enought people?

True, wishful thinking is bad enough to give us the trouble we have now, but we've compounded the problem by outsourcing. No one in this administration has really sat down and figured out (without lots of the Wishful Thinking) what is really necessary to even provide stability, much less peace. Except for Rumsfeld's fantasy of Overwhelming Success on the cheap, the order of the day for addressing the Iraq situation has been to assign the problem to someone else.

First, the Prez decides that we need to transform the Middle East. So he tells the military, "Go transform the Middle East". The military turns to contractors and says, "Transform the Middle East". Those contractors turn to sub-contractors and say...

So if our goal was to transfer as much American treasury to contractors as possible in the shortest period of time, we have truly succeeded. Its a failure by every other measure.

The sad thing is that 49.9% of the population knew that before it even started.

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