Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Few More Bad Apples

Unlike normal barrels of apples, we're finding that the worst ones are at the top, not the bottom.

Lyndi Englund were dismissed earlier by the Bush adminstration as "a few bad apples". Rumsfeld (supposedly) offered Bush a resignation over the issue, which Bush (supposedly) refused.

So why now is W lobbying to get new US laws to "clarify" the Geneva Conventions? Were the conventions not clear enough during the sentencing of Englund and the rest? Does he need the laws "clearer" to help prosecute more "rogue" torturers?

No, he made if very apparent that he wan't to use "enhanced interrogation techniques" and wants to provide more legel maneuvering room to cover his and his subordinate's backsides.

How did we get to the point where the president of the United States would be lobbying congress for more latitude in torturing people?

Will the new laws allow burning at the stake, like Europe did to the witches a few hundred years ago? Will the new laws allow the CIA to drag suspects behind cars to elicit evidence?

Curiously, W isn't asking for more laws clarifying exactly *who* is a "terrorist" and who is not. They must have some special method for determining who is guilty before submitting them to torture. Perhaps if they sink they are guilty? Perhaps that's what the "waterboarding" is all about?

It's the new Inquisition.

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