Monday, May 21, 2007

I just passed a roadside construction project and for some reason the guy holding the "SLOW" sign stood out in particular.

Do you think that maybe the job of holding the SLOW sign is a job the construction crew reserves for the crewmember they like the least? Is there any other job on a construction crew that is as simultaneously humiliating and useless? You're in essence demonstrating your credulity to thousands of drivers a day, displaying your vain belief that anything short of a court appearance will get a driver to slow down. All the while holding a sign that summarizes your team-mates summation of your mental capacity.

"Hold the sign higher Charlie!", the grew shouts as they giggle about the glory days of old when each construction crew was allowed a single conical hard-hat inscribed with "dunce" in bold vertical letters.

The new guy's gotta start somewhere.

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