Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Humor: Beat a Man with a Fish

American psyche

George Saunders
Saturday July 28, 2007
The Guardian

A recent headline indicates a number of disturbing American trends: Father Kills Bear Charging At Son With Log.


First of all, who's giving these animals logs? There's nothing in the world a respectable bear needs with a log. If that bear has a log, he has it for one reason: to kill somebody.

What bothers me about that bear story is this American tendency to step in and do everything for our kids. It would have been better if the father had just handed the kid the log, and said, "Son, throw this, hard, at that bear. Or you're dead." That way, the kid learns something. I'm sure we've all heard the biblical proverb, "If you teach me to fish, I fish for ever; if you kill my fish with your log, next time I'm hungry, I'm just going to come walking up to you with a log and a live fish." ...

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