Monday, March 10, 2008

We Have Arrived

The Republicans have now had complete control of the government (for all practical purposes) for 6 of the past ~8 years and since November have been challenged only by the most Milquetoast of congresses.

Arguably, we now stand ready to receive the full glory promised to us by the blessed Republican theology.

What do we have?

- An economy is shambles and headed further downward quickly.
- An unregulated lending market for housing has resulted in ~20% drops in housing prices with no end in sight. Foreclosures approaching levels from the Great Depression.
- Oil is trading for $104 per barrel and increasing every day.
- The dollar is dropping like a rock with $1000 gold and rising.
- A unnecessary quagmire of incompetence financed by debt. [Which one? Ed.]
We lost Vietnam, but we'll get 'em this time! [Oh, that one. Ed.]
- A former American metropolis still reeling from catastrophic losses.
- A paranoid Decider searching our mail, tapping our phones and smirking endlessly while pushing for the One More Tax Cut that will land us in glory. (Here's $300, go spend it on something nice!)

(Cue Blondie) Raaapture!

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