Thursday, January 29, 2009

Economic Depression - Republicans Blame Moon

My racquetball coach (an ex Marine) used to "award" us penalties. When I asked why he was "awarding" me penalties, he replied, "You earned them."

I'm agnostic. I don't think Republicans are any better or worse than the Democrats. They're all politicians. A necessary evil.


The current batch of Republicans have had almost totally unopposed rule of this land for 6, arguably 8 years.

They fucked it up. Not only that, but they fucked it up *BIG* time.

The current batch of republicans and their sycophants, tin-hats and fan boys need to go sit in the corner and STFU.

They aired their ideas. They had 6 years to implement them. We're reaping what they sowed.

Everybody but the current batch of Republicans, their mouthpieces and their fan-boys know it. For those who don't realize who's responsible for the mess Republicans made, please continue to blame it on the moon or whomever else was there at the time... just do it quietly. Trust me, nobody wants to hear *why* Republicans failed. Nobody cares who they want to blame. Nobody.

We're living the results of the promised Republican economy. Path to hell being paved, whatever.

Republicans like military references. Here's one: it happened on the Republican watch. Man up, stop blaming others for Republican mistakes and please, STFU.

Sit tight, let the next group of idiots try their hands at it. Then you can pick up your cloak of virtue and start swinging the sword of righteousnous at whoever will listen. Until then, grow up, find some humility (you now, the "family values" kind) and sit in the corner quietly.

If there are any more Republican "ideas" , please don't include me on the distribution. I've still suffering the last batch of them.

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