Sunday, December 06, 2009

As I lie in a 33rd floor window of a New Orleans skyscraper hotel, I look out over Canal Street, into the French Quarter and over the Mississippi River... all while surfing Tom Fitzmorris' restaurant reviews on a mobile phone.
Some come to New Orleans for the music, some for the bared breasts of Mardi Gras and the rest for every other thing this heat city has to offer. We've come for the food.
Looking over The Quarter, I'm reminded of the televised images of the flooding, the devastation and the misery of Katrina. Reminded of how an entire nation sat still while one of her great metropolises slowly drowned.

I am grateful that she has mostly recovered, pushing Katrina into the past as she has done with all other storms, floods, fires and other tragedies.

At the time of Katrina, I was infuriated by those that suggested that we should abandon New Orleans, built as she is on such continually sinking ground. Now I see that New Orleans can be no other way. She hasn't been here over 300 years solely on the opinions of a few Internet pinheads.

Welcome back old girl. You didn't need my help, but I came back as fast as I could.

Now let's eat!

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