Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Old Restaurant

So we went to dinner tonight at the Thai restaurant downtown -- you know, the one that's been at least a half-dozen restaurants in the past 3 years.

TLDR:  After a dozen or so tries, this week's version of a Thai restaurant isn't that good either.

The only interesting part of this story happened just as we were finishing up.  A new table arrived and sat beside us.  Soon the waitress brought the guy sitting next to me a green drink.  It looked exactly like a Thai iced tea, except, well green.  On top, however, was the magic - a thick, brown layer of albatross vomit.

That stuff *reaked*.  I had to turn my head and hold my nose *from another table away*.  If I'd had a plate of 3-day old sun-ripened anchovies I could have stuffed them up my nose and still cut the smell coming off that guy's *drink*.

Now keep in mind this was an *iced* drink, one that I would suppose would have been a sweet one until the kitchen staff allowed three cats sick from rummaging in a canning factory dumpster to retch on top of it.

In two seconds, that guy managed to remove from me any desire to visit Asia.

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