Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Liberal/Conservative Media

Stop it!

Throw this red herring back into the sea. "The Media" (I'm putting "The Media" in quotes as there is no single Media any more than there is an Average person. It just doesn't exist.) is neither conservatively biased or liberally biased. It *tries* to be monetarily biased. That's all.

Memorize this: "The Media" publishes what it believes will sell the most. Full stop.

Why did "The Media" cower to Bush during the years immediately following 9/11? Because the media thought that's what their customers wanted. For the most part they were right. Why is the media slowly (understatement alert) beginning to challenge/question Bush? Because his party lost by large margins in the '06 mid-terms, which served to put The Numbers (tm) on Bush's popularity with The Media's customers.

Note that I did not say that The Media publishes what will sell the most. That would credit them with an ability to sample demographics that they simply do not (currently) have. The publish what they believe will sell the most.

Now go forth and hammer some other demagogue hotbutton for a change.

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