Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Right-Wing Ethic of Personal Responsibility

Everyone on the political pundit circuit is ringing their hands on the "best way" to "solve" the Iraq quagmire.

"Send more troops", "surge", "don't send more troops", "make the Iraqui's take responsibility for their country... they're too dependent and it's their fault anyway."

The question that few people seem to be asking (at this point, anyway) is who exactly is responsible for this mess? What happened to the trumpeted Neocon ethic of Personal Resonsibility? You know, the Personal Responsiblity that was to wrest control of American's retirement funds from the Social Security Administration and allow American's to invest their savings in the stock market in the name of increased gains, bigger wealth, etc.

Curiously, Personal Responsibility doesn't get much air time these days. Mainly because responsibility for this mess can be quickly (and accurately, I might add) be resolved down to a small group of people, with one guy notably "in charge", i.e. Responsible: George W. Bush.

Why is no one asking Mr. Bush why the Iraq excusion has failed so miserably? Why is no one asking him to close down this epic adventure? Oh, wait. Guess the 2006 mid-term "thumping" did exactly that.

But before we get too excited about bringing justice to those responsible, perhaps we should investigate just who put this yo-yo in power to begin with... twice. You know who you are.

Maybe *that's* why no one likes to ask who is responsible.

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