Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ownership Society

Michael Krasney was interviewing P.J. O'Rourke was on KQED this morning as O'Rourke made the lecture circuit shilling his latest book.

The conversation enevitably turned to the Iraq War.

(I'm paraphrasing this conversation)

Q: For or against?
A: Well, I originally supported it - I have no problem admitting that...

Then O'Rourke takes the next five minutes to hem and haw, almost admitting that its a failure but never quite saying that we should do anything other than what the admistration wants to do with it.

A few minutes later a caller rang in to begin berating George w. for starting the war, screwing it up and adding gasoline to the already burning fire.

O'Rourke counters (again I'm paraphrasing) that we can't hold w responsible for the war.


This type of deflection, subject changing and pointing at the moon is now rife in Republican circles. To me, this begs the question: Who is responsible for the war, if not w?

Perhaps its the usual Republican scapegoats.

- Was it "entitlement programs"?

- Are Social Security recipients to blame?

- Did masses of peaceniks gather on the front lawn of the White House demanding that we invade a random country? Did these throngs of people demand that we divert attention from OBL to attack Iraq instead?

- Perhaps it was all that "intelligence" that no one can seem to find anymore.

- Did Congress stand up and demand that w stop ignoring Iraq and do something about it?

I recall watching the build-up to the Iraq War very closely. I distinctly remember the administration selling this war with all the scare tactics that even life insurance salesmen are now loathe to use.

Must have been Nancy Pelosi.

Another favorite diversion is to ask, "Well, if not The Surge, then what?"

I've got an idea: let's do the surge, but instead of the current plan, let's send all the supporters of the war over to clean it up. They've been so full of good ideas for risking other people's blood and treasure, let's give them the opportunity to use some of the those good ideas with their own skins.

Too old, feeble, flat-footed for combat? No problem. We'll set up a "Personal Account" for each war supporter and split the cost of the war amongst them ($400 billion, anyone?) Then we'll raise their taxes by the amount necessary to pay off the current war debt and the amounts going forward to pay for war injuries to American GIs. Think of your country.

Honestly, given the manifest benefits this war has brought us, it's only logical that war supporters should help shoulder some of the glory.

Personal Responsibility
. You knocked her up, war supporters.. now you make the child-support payments for the "birth of a new democracy".

Ownership Society indeed.

Update: Doonesbury finds the person responsible.

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