Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Relgion Conflicts with Reason, not Science

My letter to Andrew Sullivan regarding his "Blogologue" with Sam Harris about Religion vs. Science.


What is your goal in your debate with Sam Harris?

Is your goal to "win"? I can't help you there.

Is your goal to better understand what we are and why? I have a suggestion: stop it with the Faith vs. Science bit.

This debate about religion has never been about "science"; it's about reason, it's about rationality.

Religion is entirely subjective. Full Stop.

Anything that can be "anything I want based on my desires at a given time" conflicts with reason.

Science is but a small subset of reason. If religion were to (again) subjugate science, religion would still have reason to deal with.

Can Religion be objective? Good question. Bit the lack of objectivity is the core of religion's problems and society's problems with religion...not science.

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