Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Buy American" Bad for America

I love these "truisms".

Similar ones are "Try to regulate Wall St. and it'll go somewhere else", "We pay huge bonuses to keep our (finance) executives from leaving our company", "The guys that got us into this mess (Wall St.) are the only ones who understand it and therefore can't be punished", "Jobs Americans don't want to do", etc.

This whole "Americans are too expensive" meme has got to be conquered before this economy can be rebuilt. Yes, I said "rebuilt" not "recover".

When we sit here and debate how impossible it is to spend American tax dollars *in America* we are *exposing the very problem*, not running into an unassailable problem whose only solution is to concede and send our tax money to other countries. Sending our incomes to China hasn't helped the economy... how will sending our tax dollars there turn out any differently?

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