Friday, April 14, 2006

Alas, Privacy... We Hardly Knew Ye

Still wondering about that title. Did we "hardly know ye" or did we just take you for granted?


I've long railed about America's infatuation with video surveilance. Got a problem? Put up a camera? Don't have a problem? Put up a camera anyway. God how Americans want to be on screen. 15 seconds of "fame" and all that.

Scott McNealy famously (in geek circles anyway) said, "(Online) privacy is dead. Get over it"

Well now I'm starting to see some of the upsides of a total lack of privacy. Caught picking your nose in public? No problem.. everyone does it. Here, let me show you the video. Have incriminating photos that imply I may be gay? No problem! 25% of the population is gay; even the ones in government that are trying to hide it. Want proof? Here's the video!

Want my credit-card number? How about 300 million others to go with that?

I can imagine a certain peace from every one having complete knowledge of everyone else. No one can be derided for being X when it can be instantly shown that 99% of the populace does the same thing.

Or I could be wrong.

Scott McNealy says he was. Funny how attitudes change when its their ass in the grinder.


Mez said...

Have you ever read "We"?
by Yegevny Zamyatin/Evgenii Ivanovich Zamiatin
Eos, 1983 (trans Mirra Ginsburg)
Penguin, 1993 (trans Clarence Brown)

Humbug said...

No, I haven't. But the reviews I've read sound interesting. Thanks for the referral. I'll check it out.