Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Interesting how two languages can complement each other in irony.

Years ago, Chevrolet debuted the "Nova". Sounds great in English, as it means, "new", but it tanked in Latin America. Why? "Nova" sounds very much like "No Va" which roughly means, "Won't go".

Curiously, the name GW gave to his energy company in Texas was "Arbusto". It means "bush" in Spanish (clever, huh?) but in English it sounds eerily like "Are busto", as in "busted".

As could be expected, Arbusto tanked in almost all of its many iterations, each buyout put GW in charge and was soon followed by collapse. Maybe failure was the goal?

So what else associated with the serial failure that is our president can be described as "Arbusto"?

Foreign policy? - Arbusto!
Energy policy (for the non-rich, anyway ) - Arbusto!
Iraq War - Arbusto!
American pride and stalwart opposition to torture - Arbusto!
Political integrity - Arbusto!
Presidential leadership - Arbusto!


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