Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Job Americans Don't Want

I've developed a quick test to detect jobs Americans don't want. It's actually very easy. Here's how:

Take your job for example. Would you stay at your job if they stopped offering 401k? Would you stay if they cancelled health insurance? Would you stay if they they cancelled all paid time off.. and sick leave? Vacation? Retirement?

Would you stay at your job if they cut your pay by 1/3? By 1/2? How about by 2/3?

When you interview for your next job, will you accept the same offer?

Suprise! You're the one who doesn't want to work!

You're also currently overpaid. Dramatically overpaid. Pick up an almanac. Odds are you can point your finger at a country full of people with your job skill that will be more than willing to take your job for 1/10th your pay. Can't find that country? Jesus! Did you fail geography too? You ARE overpaid!

How did this country manage to get by for so long overpaying you so much? You fucking scum.

Now get back to work... before we take away your 30-minute lunch "hour".

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