Friday, April 28, 2006

"Oil Companies Need to Invest Their Profits"

President Bush Jr:

"My attitude is that the oil companies need to be mindful that the American people expect them to reinvest their cash flows in such a way that it enhances our energy security," Bush said, which includes investment in new pipelines, expansion of refineries and more exploration and investment in renewable sources of energy."

After all, it's worked so well this far. Perhaps we should all gather up some money and send it to the oil companies to help them in their quest for alternative fuel solutions.

Bush again:
"The temptation in Washington is to tax everything," Bush said while taking questions from White House reporters. "The answer is for there to be strong reinvestment to make this country more secure from an energy perspective."

Yeah, let's not tax it. That would be bad for the economy. Instead, let's just give them $14 billion in tax exemptions. That'll do the trick. Maybe *that* will get the oil companies out of their slump.

Ya know he's right. Americans are to blame. Not just for the high fuel prices but for voting for this idiotic big-business whore. When are American's gonna say "enough"?

The quote "Nations get the governments they earn" keeps popping back into my head.

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