Friday, March 24, 2006

Saddam "official" met with Osama!

More excuses from Andrew Sullivan:

"A newly released prewar Iraqi document indicates that an official representative of Saddam Hussein's government met with Osama bin Laden in Sudan on February 19, 1995, after receiving approval from Saddam Hussein. Bin Laden asked that Iraq broadcast the lectures of Suleiman al Ouda, a radical Saudi preacher, and suggested "carrying out joint operations against foreign forces" in Saudi Arabia. According to the document, Saddam's presidency was informed of the details of the meeting on March 4, 1995, and Saddam agreed to dedicate a program for them on the radio. The document states that further "development of the relationship and cooperation between the two parties to be left according to what's open [in the future] based on dialogue and agreement on other ways of cooperation." The Sudanese were informed about the agreement to dedicate the program on the radio."

Saddam authorized officials to meet with Osama?

Umm... didn't the CIA more or less *train* Osama in the Afghanni war against the (country formerly known as) U.S.S.R.? I guess sending him tons of dough, stinger missiles and terrorist training followed by turning him loose after the Soviet pull-out is less damning than a "meeting"?

Do we invade Virginia next? I have it on good sources that there are WMDs in the area...

I'm not an America basher. We had good reasons for fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Turning Osama loose after that... maybe not so smart.

Invading some other piss-ant country as a diversion from getting the *real* guy. Stupid.

Stop trying to justify the Iraq war. It was wrong. Stop it with the "but ... but.. " it just undermines your integrity. It was overhyped. America was duped.

Let's dump this nightmare that we elected, capture Osama and use his cell as the cornerstone of the new Trade Center.

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