Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Secret of Stewart

Did you hear that? Something strange has happened. The Daily Show, which doesn’t try to be anything but fake, has gained loyal fans because of its truthfulness.

Th e Mercury News

This quote says less about The Daily's Show's successes than the failures of "The Media"

I'm stupefied that "The Media" is so amazed at his ratings. Its simple folks: He actually questions what is going on. He doesn't just let his guests rattle off some bullshit unchallenged. He's not afraid to speak what every (educated) person is thinking: "Why is this crap allowed to continue?"

He's popular because he's the only "newssource" that isn't only concerned with selling koolaid. What he's showing is intelligence and integrity. Not to mention that the Republicans are having a hell of a time smearing him because he never claims to have any credibility in the first place.

All the Daily Show has to do is ask a few simple questions and dig into past video to reveal the current government and media for the idiots and liars they are. People these days fully believe that they can say anything because no one will take the time to review the footage and call them on it. Mostly they're right because "The Media" certainly doesn't. That's why The Media is foundering.

Again, the fears of the media belies their mediocrity. Stewart doesn't *claim* credibility, he *domonstrates* it.

And he's funny. Not crazy funny, but funny enough.

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