Thursday, March 30, 2006

Two More Truisms

Two more truisms from "The Talent Show":

( I added the emphasis in the second paragraph ).

Which is where most Republicans would start talking about tax "reform" as if raising the taxes of the poor is going to help someone who isn't even lucky enough to live paycheck to paycheck. If businesses insist on paying immigrants shit, the least they should do is pass along the difference to help offset they problem they're creating. Better yet, they should stop being allowed to break the law and save a few bucks. Or to paraphrase something I wrote earlier, breaking the law should always be more expensive than obeying it.

We've got a serious immigration problem in this country that's the fault of businesses who have shifted jobs from American workers to illegal immigrants and the goverment that's looked the other way for decades. The idea that the President and his allies want to codify this second class of workers (and solidify the division between the two) shows you how out of touch he is with working men and women. The struggle in the streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere isn't one between immigrants and Americans, but between the working class and the business/government entities that are looking for new avenues to cheap labor, even if it means exploiting ethnic tensions to turn people against each other.

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