Thursday, August 03, 2006

Are We Safer Yet?

George Bush's Big Idea after 9/11 was to make Americans safer. Are we there yet?

- North Korea is testing more missiles and continuing to develop nuclear weapons.
- Iran is developing nuclear weapons.
- India now has nuclear weapons and we're helping them develop more nuclear technology.
- Pakistan was found to be the biggest distributer of nuclear technology on the planet, supplying technology to both N. Korea and Iran. (We asked them to stop.)
- Bin Laden is still at large with (apparently) no interest in persuing him.
- Afghanistan is still not stable nor purged of Taliban.
- Almost every other country is sick of Bush, Bolton, Rice and the others that they almost refuse to talk to us, let alone work with us.
- New Orleans is still in the crapper.
- Lebanon elects a radical government (Yeah, Democracy!) and picked a fight with Israel. They're now pounding the shit out of each other.
- Iraq has gotten so bad that even Don Rumsfeld is now admitting it's bad.

Are we safer yet?

Hmmm.. November's coming up. Might be time to roll out the Terror Alert system again to scare the sheep back into voting for Republicans.

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