Friday, August 04, 2006

So Tell Me Again Who We're Fighting...

Our Enemy: Declares that anyone who criticizes the leadership is against God.
Our Leadership: Declares that anyone who criticizes the leadership is unpatriotic and/or a "terrorist".

Them: Invades other countries (Saddam) on flimsy pretense.
Us: Invades Iraq looking for "WMDs".

Them: Kills innocent civilians.
Us: "Collateral Damage"

Them: Tortures just about anyone.
Us: Throws you into prison indefinitely without due process before torturing you.

Them: Causes instability in nearby nations.
Us: Runs a wreckless financial policy that could conceivably distrupt dozens of nations.

Them: Doesn't provide for the basic welfare of their citizens.
Us: Tries to kill Social Security. Katrina.

Them: Goes on national TV threatening to wipe other countries "off the map".
Us: "Axis of Evil"

Them: Dictators that run around in funny hats.
Us: Self-declares immunity from laws ("signing statements") and wears a flight jacket (occasionally the full suit).

Them: Surrounded by gangs of thugs to intimidate enemies.
Us: Swift boating.

Them: Keeps population in constant terror from due to threat of invasion (N. Korea)
Us: "Terror Alert" before last election.

Them: Answer to every problem involves violence and destruction.
Us: Supposedly built a school-house somewhere in Iraq but we can't show you a picture of it to prevent the populace from blowing it up.

Them: Dangerous loners that tend to make hasty, ill-advised decisions contrary to the desires of their neighbors.
Us: "Coalition of the Willing" consisting of Britain (so far) and a lone island in the Pacific somewhere. (We can't tell you which one else the terrorists might blow it up.)

Them: Brings only war and poverty to their country.
Us: $400B and counting...

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