Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What Bush Has Done Right

Pointing out Bush's failures and faults is easy. Ok, REAL EASY. This one's woefully out of date.

Finding the few things he's done right is also fairly easy. I believe there's a pattern in there somewhere. Bush puts time and energy into making a success of those things that are important to him. Everything else? Well... it slides.

Bush's successes:

- Pandering to Religion. e.g. Broke vacation (something he wouldn't do even for New Orleans) to return to DC and sign Terri Shiavo legislation.

- Repeated tax cuts that brought biggest benefits to the wealthy.

- Killing Social Security (ultimately failed, but not due to a lack of effort on his part).

- 2+ times increase in oil prices (benefits oil buddies?).

- Billions of dollars of federal funds to Bechtel, Halliburton in NO-BID CONTRACTS via Iraq War. (Who has ties to Halliburton?)

- Capture of Saddam Housein. ( Why not devote equal effort to capturing Bin Laden? )

What is the pattern here?

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