Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shell "Signing" Staged?

The first photo I saw regarding the young Israeli girls signing shells, (presumably) about to be lobbed into Lebanon:

Seems.. well, at least candid.

Now this one, from another online news source:

Same two girls. But now there looks to be a press photographer caught in the background.

Now how I had imagined this scene, a press photographer comes up on this scene, photographs it and sends it to one or more news outlets.

I wonder if the press photographer caught in the background of Pic 2 indicates that there were more than one pro photographer there, i.e. a staged event?

In the background of the first pictures, we can see two people with cameras. The guy on top of the tank and the lady in the background, both with compact cameras. In the second picture, the fuzzy guy in the background is (I'm guessing) using an SLR.

It's very possible that Pic 1 was taken by the guy in the background of Pic 2. Who took Pic 2?

SLR guy is in Pic 2. Did tank guy or camera lady of Pic 1 take pic 2? I don't *think* so. As a general rule the smaller cams tend to be point-and-shoot. These camera don't usually have the ability to create the narrow depth of field seen in Pic 2.

My guess is that there was at least two press photogs at this event. This makes me believe that this was not an impromptu thing but was an event staged for the media.

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