Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bolton, Iraq and Abortion

Bolton defends the Iraq War:
Andrew Sullivan

There seems to be a parallel between Bolton's defense of overthrowing Saddam:

He's very concerned about Iraqi's beforehand...
(paraphrasing): "Oh, that's fine if you don't mind living in a dictatorship" (poor creatures!)

But couldn't give a damn about them after they've been "liberated"...
(paraphrasing): "The failure to establish a government in Iraq is the Iraqi's fault."

The far right's opinions on fetuses seems to be very similar. They are absolutely opposed to abortion, but the second the child "hits air" they feel no compunction to provide or care for it.

So they want to run other people's lives, but they accept no responsibility when they screw them up. The worst sort of dictator.

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