Friday, April 20, 2007

Training the Servants of the Future

From an e-mail correspondence:

That if China ever did decide to attack us, the first thing it would do is poison the food it sends us. I've seen reports that less than 1% of our food imports are even checked by FDA.

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Quality Control
It is at odds with profit, as is Marketing at odds with production.
(To the short-sighted.) If you have no quality Control, you ship damaged goods, poisoned dog food, sub-par components or pieces or systems.
You lose your name, and likely your business. But, offsetting that, is you have saved lots of money up front, and already built up your Swiss savings account.

China may never neeed to attack directly. As her economy grows, as ours diminishes, what reason is there to notsimply allow America to wither on the vine?

We are almost totally dependent upon imports now, we can't buy anything once our credit rating drops to zero, and it's heading there quickly.
Our balance of trade deficits and the amount of our debt held overseas
grows monthly.

Our job skills have been outsourced and copied worldwide, and no matter how much they'd like to think otherwise, the American CEO is not unique.
Anyone can press the big red button on their desk. You don't need to be American to do that.

Our Population ranks well below that of China, and India, and is
nearly equaled by Indonesia. We are barely 1/2 the size of Russia, and while fractionally larger than China and Brazil, we are smaller than Canada.
Our education system consistently lags other countries, and yet our univerities fill with their students as well as our own, at the cost of our own kids education. (There are only X seats in a classroom!)

As we run out, or run low, on raw materials, our dependence on imports
will cost us at an ever-increasing rate.

What are we doing to offset these mounting catastrophies?
Why we're opening up service industry jobs, so we'll be better servants to our new masters, whom-so-ever they may be.

But that's OK, let's stay the course!

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