Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Bush "Doesn't Care" Where Bin Laden Is

It's become increasingly clear why Bush is "uninterested" in finding Bin Laden.

Bin Laden is in Pakistan.

W has made an ally with Mushareff in the "war" with Al-Queda. Only Mushareff isn't powerful enough to wage war against the tribal areas where the Taliban has taken root. His position is so tenuous in fact that he is also either unwilling or unable to root out support for the Taliban within his own government.

So now instead of getting Bin Laden while he was in Afghanistan, W pulled troops from that effort to fight his Toy War in Iraq. This allowed Bin Laden to move into Pakistan... a country armed with nukes.

Makes this next effort to root out Bin Laden a bit more dicey, eh?

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