Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Switftboating of Edwards Begins

It almost two years away but the race for president has already begun.

Given the experience with W (not to mention the very similar experience with Nixon) it's looking like the chances of a Republican presidency in '08 are all but nil. Neglecting that W is MVP for the dems, it looks like the Republicans are gunning to take out Edwards first.

The swiftboating began with the Republican Harpy calling Edwards "gay". That stirred up a bit of media attention and gave their pollsters a chance to judge the public reaction. Not much repulsion so it looks like they've decided to stick with the theme.

The mantra they're sticking with is "pretty". Edwards is "pretty".

Sad, but the American's may be sucking this one up as readily as the idea that W is a "cowboy". Having not sliced off any of one's appendages with a chainsaw seems to be enough to let the "manly" image stand without further question.

Some questions.

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