Thursday, April 12, 2007

Iraq Turns Another Corner... and Explodes... Again

We all knew this was gonna happen. A big explosion rips apart a significant building in the Green Zone.

We all knew this because (most) people know that a bad idea aren't bad ideas simply because people don't stick with them long enough.

"The Surge" isn't working for the same reason that the rest of the American occupation of Iraq isn't working: it was a bad idea at its genesis. Bad Idea.

W was the tough sheriff that bursts into the bar and shoots up the place to show he's tough.

Only he didn't shoot up the bar where the bad guys were hanging out but the one two counties over.

America isn't just tired of the Iraq War because it was a bad idea. They're also tired of the war because it is a strategy that W refuses to change or adapt. The Surge is just a re-tread of the existing strategy that also didn't work.

America is tired of the war because it was a bad idea that W has repeatedly lied about.

Looking at the video of W's press conference addressing the explosion, it's clear from W's expression that he's tired of this war too.

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