Friday, June 23, 2006

Cultivating Corporate Ignorance

"as far as we know" seems to be the catch-phrase of the naughties.

Every day, another entity, corporate or government, loses National ID numbers.

Every notice of massive data loss is tagged with the disclaimer, "None of the numbers have been used illegally as far as we know."

"Bobby, did you lose your goloshes again?" "Not so far as I know, mom."

Ignorance is bliss.

To my knowledge, not one corporation has said, "We used the best security we knew how, the records were encrypted and accessed only be individuals with necessary access and clearance, but these dastardly crooks used Mission Impossible techniques to abscond that vital information. We will use every and all means at our disposal to track and prosecute the criminals and we will cover all expenses in making our customers whole."

Instead, we get an Adam Sandler-esque "Whoopsie!"

Legally, no one unrelated to Social Security or tax purposes can legally even *use* Social Security Numbers.

In reality, its easier to steal someone's ID for a fake credit card than it is to slip in the shower.

Back in '05, BofA even lost tapes containing the personal data of several congressmen. Data protection bills? Still non-existent. Or did someone steal those as well?

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