Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Special (Political) Olympics

As I read this post on BBC News regarding W's non-push for a Gay Marriage Ammendment, the first thing that popped into my head was the Special Olympics.

Bush is leading a throng of well... slow people out to a game that they know they won't win and serves no other purpose than to make those people feel good.

But no, dammit! That is *not* the analogy. The Special Olympics is about Good. It is about giving attention, love, hope and joy to people that society tries its best to ignore. Those dedicated men and women spend countless hours encouraging, supporting and loving people that most of us don't want to even acknowledge. We like to think we're good people, but guess what *they're* the good people. I just can't bring myself to sully such with the likes of Republican crass pandering to fearful idiots.

So the only analogy I can think of (kinda shows my intellectual tinyness, doesn't it?) would involve leading the ignorant with baubles and false hopes to be later sheared of value and tossed aside.

Child molesters, maybe?

Shameful. Pathetic. Desperate.

It's cliche and I'm dissappointed I can't think of a better on, but for now, I'll stick with a sheep analogy.

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