Wednesday, June 21, 2006

No New Ideas

That's the catch-phrase these days. All fingers point to the moon when the question of responsibility is posed to those favoring the Iraq War.

"X don't have any good ideas".

True. But *no one* has any good ideas. That's why they refer to the metaphore of "jumping off of a cliff" to describe these decisions before they were made. We're in free fall. Stop wasting your energy flapping your arms. Hell, maybe even flapping our arms would be an improvement over pointing to everyone else and saying, "No one could have foreseen this." and "X doesn't have any good ideas."

The ironic thing is, some of the many suggestions could have been good ideas. But any change whatsoever has been dismissed/ignored by the "stay the course" administration.

So we're gonna just grind this one out until we just can't take it anymore, eh? Great strategy.

So this is going to go on until some adult stands up, declares Humpty broken and moves on. Those that supported the Iraq war weren't necessarily wrong (in my opinion) they just zealously supported an administration that couldn't find its own ass with both hands because instead of contemplating suggestions to "look behind them" they point all fingers at everyone and scream, "Coward! Stay the course!"

Actually, we have no one else to blame but ourselves. We elected these fools. Twice. (I only voted for this idiot the first time).

Maybe we do truly get the government we deserve.

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