Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Immigration and Jobs

The article posted over at Stumbling and Mumbling isn't terribly enlightening, but I find the comments ( I'm referring to the first three, in case more get added. ) are spot-on.

Which brings me to my common immigration-related refrain of Extreme as Example. Extremes are almost never the best answer, but in the case of immigration, I suggest that looking at the extreme case my give some insight:

What if we completely removed barriers to immigration? Check and reject those with weapons and other criminals, but let everyone else pass. According to the pro-immigration-at-any-cost camp, that would lead to an explosion of greatness in America, would it not?

Why do we not open the borders completely to all to wish to live/work here? I think most know the answer to that question.

Everyone who supports immigration supports it only to the extent that they see it as being beneficial to themselves. These types of arguments are old and common. They have no interest in supporting the view that helps the Nation as a whole, just the view that they see as being profitable... damn the rest.

There are many good reasons that we limit immigration. The only *real* debate is how many and of whom, i.e. numbers.

Everything else is rhetoric.

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