Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is Bush a Failure?

Sullivan asks:

"Incompetence doesn't quite capture the enormity of the failure or the incoherence of the project. And so we stagger on, desperate for hope, but forced to confront the worst-managed war since Vietnam. Except the stakes are far, far higher than Vietnam. And the consequences of failure close to existential. I know that in part because Bush keeps telling us. Is he lying? Or is he just drowning in a job that he is simply unable to do?"

You don't seem to be finding answers when reviewing W's manifest failures.

Try looking at the problem the opposite way: Is there a pattern to his successes?

Medicare Section D. Tax cuts. More tax cuts. No-bid contracts.

Its easy to cast W as incompetent, but he hasn't be incompetent at everything.
Perhaps Bush is not the complete failure he appears to be. He may simply have different goals. He's only failed America... not his friends.

To cite the cliche: "Follow the money".

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