Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Suicide Doors

So along with the wife's new pregnancy comes the realization that my life driving a two-seat convertible is nearing the end. So a few weeks ago, we buy a 4-door.

The new car is nice, but I'm noticing that it has a unique door system. Most car doors have these "notches" sorta-things that help hold the door open. There's the "barely open" position, the "half-open" and the "fully-open" position.

Well this car isn't a big fan of doors staying where they are. Every time I park, I shut the car off, open the door and push it open and remove the key. The door swings past "barely" and "half" and usually has just enough speed left to barely make it up the ramp of "fully open". There it hangs for a bit (usually for *me* to get half-way out of the car) before the door changes its mind and run back downhill it yet another demonic attempt to crush me against the frame. Suicide doors? I've got homicide doors.

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