Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ethics Training?


Ethics Training?

I sure hope that means more than the "ethics training" courses *I've* been forced to take in the past.

At a previous employer, past company "lapses" with government contracts meant that each year all employees were herded into small conference rooms with their bosses so that we could learn the benefits of dodging invitations to role-play hyphothetical quandaries.

"Julie's boss patted her on the butt. How should Julie respond?", etc. These "classes" have gotten so inane that the company has now dispensed with even the 1-hour confabs and replaced them with "computer based training". Strangely, "Punch her boss in the face" doesn't get a button on the new web-based screen of options.

So how exactly does one integrate "don't massacre innocent civilians" into a Dilbert-based board game? Do they have some fancy ARPA phone-tree thingy?

"Your platoon buddy, under stress from 4 back-to-back deployments to a no-win situation snaps when his best friend is blown to bits by the 400th IED of the week and begins to spray machine-gun bullets at anything that moves. How should you respond? If you think you should take your buddy aside and ask him how he feels about being forced to pick up his best friend's body parts for no reason other than George W. Bush would rather be making photo-ops rather than international policy decisions, press '1' now."

"Please hold for the next available counselor. This call may be recorded for quality purposes..."

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