Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Squashed Under a Mountain of Good News

Leaked US Embassy Memo at Christian Science Monitor.

White House press secretary Tony Snow did not deny its authenticity, calling it "an accurate reflection of the realities there." But he also said that conditions had changed since the memo was written a few weeks ago.

In a comment about the story on his website, Rush Limbaugh said this is exactly what he expected to happen.

We nail Zarqawi; it's the epitome of good news. Bush has one of the best weeks of his presidency last week and a couple of days prior to that, and so what do the Democrats do? Redouble their effort to paint this whole thing as a lost cause, and they get of course their willing accomplices in the Drive-By Media to go right along with it. In fact, the Washington Post citing a 30-day-old story preceding any of the good news of the last week.

Bush is one of the only US presidents for which doing nothing can be spun as "one of the best weeks of his presidency".

"Well, at least nothing blew up, flooded, burned, or was secretly revealed by the Administration as an undercover agent. All in all, a *great* week!"

I'm gonna add a few other reasons that might explain the Catastrophic Success in Iraq:

- Gays in US allowed to marry
- Flag burning in US

The one I'm betting on?

The administration, err... I mean "Too much good news."

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