Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hughes on Bush's Bubble

HfA on Bush's bubble

This, from the guy that claims not to pay attention to the media.

Is it a safe rule of thumb to think that the President's spin-doctors always spin things to sound *better* than reality? How bad does reality have to be for the end-result spin to be, "(Our non-media reading boss) only heard about this yesterday because he saw it in the news"?

My theory continues to be that Bush is the confidence man. I know this is a tired cliche, but I believe the evidence points to him being a puppet and Dick and Rummy are running the show. Items not directly interesting to Dick or Rummy are ignored in the hope that they'll blow over. When a fire burns for more than a day or two, they push a button and dispatch the talking head (Bush) with a pre-printed "talking points" speech to mollify the situation until it does blow over.

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