Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where's the Anger?

Where's the outrage? This country has been steadily driven into the toilet by a bumbling idiot for over six years now. We lost an entire city, for God's sake!

Everything was hunky-dory for 72 months until gas passed $3 per gallon. Oh *now* the economy isn't really as rosy as they said?

Where's the anger? For 20 years people have spoken of the 60's; the marches, the chants, the demands for change!

Where is that spirit now? America flushed 200 years of staunch anti-torture tradition and the most people could do is keep flipping channels/pages until getting to the sports section?

Maybe we do need illegal immigrants. At least they get off their asses and march when they're being screwed. And they're not even supposed to be here! Hell, maybe they do deserve this country more than we do.

Maybe we should just hire Mexicans to march for us...

Update: Economist's View wonders as well.

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