Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What Makes 'W' So Appealing

This is a pondering I wrote in an e-mail a few years back:

I've often wondered what it is exactly about W that is so appealing to so many people. Perhaps it can be explained through an analogy:

Imagine kids posing with the cartoon characters at Disneyland. If we analyze the situation, what do we have? Well, we have an under-developed adult miming, acting and sweating in a foam costume/facade, hugging, cuddling and otherwise pretending to love a bunch of children. For the children, the experience is one of safe entertainment that reinforces their world-view - a world view that is filled with fantasy and bears no correlation to the world as we know it. In short, its fantasy time.

Every time I see children posing with Disney characters, I feel some confusion melt away as some of this nation's fawning for W starts to make sense.

Apr '06 update: My how things change! W's approval rating at 31%. Guess someone's growing up!

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