Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Sin of Unpopularity

or "W Die-Hards Die Easy When Popularity Falters"


I find interesting the latest rash of conservative commentators that are turning against Bush.

Six years of absolute idiotic bumbling and inaction didn't sway their enthusiasm, yet now almost every one of them harps upon his 31% approval rating.

So while anyone who criticised Bush on his performance in the past was partisan, its now ok to bash him for unpopularity?

Is that what long-term Bushies have basing their support on all along? Popularity?

While he's popular, he can do no wrong. They bathed themselves in his glory, defended him rabidly against any slight, supported him without fail and rode his coattails to fame and fortune.

But the sin of unpopularity is unforgivable?

Hmmm... who is the worst person in this scenario? Bush or those that supported him to the bitter end... at least until unpopularity struck.

Doug McIntyre

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