Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bush Border Speech = Continued Tax Evasion

Ok, so back in the Reagan era we tried amnesty. We're worse off.

What is Shrub proposing now? "Guest Workers". Illegal immigrants are to be offered a "Path to Citizenship".

What no one is detailing is exactly how these programs are supposed to work. First off, the "Path to Citizenship": What is supposed to compel an illegal alien to want to be a citizen? Sure, you can appeal to their better instincts, but let's be honest, offering not to deport someone for 5 years if they sign up for tons of government beuracracy is no deal. Why not just keep what they currently have? People are people and they know that once this whole thing blows over it will be like it's always been. Illegal aliens will return to being ignored. The less paperwork that documents them, the better is their thought.

Now, to the Guest Worker program. *Who* exactly is going to sign up for this? What business is going to go through even *more* government paperwork when they can hire illegals on the cheap. Employers view illegal aliens as prostitutes. Buy 'em cheap and dispose of them when they're broken or when they're done with them.
Is this new Guest Worker program going to allow employers to avoid paying taxes? Social Security? Insurance? Thought not. They what incentive to the employers have then? Grape growers in California already admit the open secret to the local papers. They don't go through *existing* government programs because they don't like the extra costs taxes bring.

So if Bush's plan is put into place, it will all wind up being a bit photo-op circle-jerk. Just like all the rest of his plans. I haven't figured out how Shrub plans to turn this problem into an opportunity to funnel money to compaign contributers, but I'm sure he's working on it.

You want to *really* fix this problem? It's simple. Turn the IRS loose on tax cheats. If anyone knows how to handle tax cheats, it the IRS. If you don't pay employement taxes, the IRS will be in touch. We've already got a system for this. It's in place, proven and ready to go.

Illegal immigration will be cut drastically, wages will go up sufficiently to support a decent working class, your taxes will go down, your kids will have a better education, emergency room crowding will go down and your medical costs will not go up as rapidly. Prisons will be less crowded and social programs will be lifted of a growing burden.

Stop the tax evasion now!

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