Thursday, May 11, 2006

Put A Sign in Your Front Yard

Years ago, I was exposed to the interesting mindset of the relatives of a friend.

They live in a bungalow in... oh well, it really doesn't matter where they live. They have been robbed 3 times. The third time, they laid silently in bed, pretending to be asleep while the robber collected whatever he could find from their dresser.

Ok, maybe it *does* matter where they live. They don't live in an "inner city". These folks were very well-to-do lawyer types in an affluent Florida neighborhood.

When I asked, "Ummm... do you have a gun?", they responded, "No, we don't believe in guns."

I think of that every time I see someone protesting the "right" to bear arms. I'm no slobbering gun nut, but I think -- on the whole -- responsible gun ownership is a good thing. Sure, we get the daily instance of some kid getting shot by a drunk idiot (who should be imprisoned a *long* time) but for every one of those we get three more run over by a drunk idiot in a car.

I won't get into the details of benefits vs. costs for gun ownership, but I have an idea for each camp. If you support civilian gun ownership, put a sign in your front yard declaring you own a gun. If you don't support gun ownership, put a sign in your front yard declaring that you refuse to own a gun.

Pro or Con, society is a safer place with criminals not quite sure what's gonna happen when they roll the dice and slide through a window. If you don't like the idea of your neighbors owning guns, put up a sign and enjoy some of the costs of a gun-free world.

The more I think about it, we should put up more signs in front yards. If you support illegal immigration, practice what you preach. Put a sign in your front yard declaring that you'll personally support 1/1,000th of the illegals that come into our country every year. You'll be legally required to provide every 1 of 1,0000 people with a driver's license, health care, a job, a room to stay in, etc. In other words: put your *own* money where your mouth is.

Another good sign, this time for anti-abortionists. If you solemnly believe in the "right to life", then put your money where your faith is. Put up a sign in your front yard that you'll adopt 1/1,000th of the unwanted children each year. You adopt it, raise it as your own, send it to college, etc.

You support the war? Put up a sign. Oh, wait, you've already got a yellow ribbon on the old Dodge 8 cyl turbo diesel. Good job. You'll be receiving your new legless amputee roommate any day now.

Put Up a Sign!

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