Tuesday, May 02, 2006

$100 Gas and the Parliment of Whores

Yes, I'm shamelessly borrowing the title of one of the P.J. O'Rourke's book, but it seems appropos following the Republican idea to send US consumers a $100 check to "help cover" gas price increases.

Newspapers reported one constituent screaming in disgust, "Do you think we are whores!?!"

This does seem to reflect the culture in Congress, doesn't it? "Group X is screaming and it's making us look bad. Pay them off!"

What must be going through Republican's minds? "Damn Democrats and their lack of ideas!"

There's plenty of Democratic responsibility for this, but with 51% of the congressional power these days, it is a bullet for the Republicans to dodge. Now close your eyes and hope it just goes away...

Republicans have famously and steadfastly taken the side of business and refused to contemplate increasing CAFE fuel-efficiency standards for autos. They prefer to "let the market" handle such things.

(In the background I hear Dave Chappell's "Well, well, well.")

The "market" is in full swing. What's not to like?

Normally Congress wouldn't care how bad off average Americans are, but this "market correction" is happening just before a critical November election. Ouch. Sounds of the front door opening have wafted upstairs and Congress can't get the corporate penises out of their mouths fast enough. "Daddy's home!" Where to hide the john? What to do about the mess? Split the take?

Guess Republicans don't believe the corporate whoring money is gonna be enough to save asses this November. Even a literal sex-scandal in Washington won't bring people to the polls like high energy costs. Just ask that Carter fellow.

Some will write it off as just another Bush failure. Others will insist, "The economy's booming!" If the economy's booming, then why all the outcry when everyone's making money?

I keep hoping that gas prices will be the admission price for impeachment. But I thought the same thing about Katrina, the Iraq War, the Plame affair,... America just seems to have an infinite patience with their cheatin' ways.

Thousands of fellow citizens drowning or being slowly picked off in a foreign land is just that: foreign -- to most. Easily ignored under the din of daily life.

But gas prices are the stock market of the common man. How are things today, Hal? Well let's check the Big Board! Nothing brings home reality faster than that Index of Pain that is the price ticker at the corner Stop 'N Rob.

MSM can all be praising the glory that is a Great Economy, but nothing brings home reality faster the pain of spending the grocery money on the gasoline.

Even if every one of the b*stards -- Republican and Democrat -- were to get unelected come November, there probably won't be much change. A short bit of hope, but no real change. Their replacements probably won't show any more leadership ability, but they certainly can't show any less.

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