Sunday, May 14, 2006

This Call May Be Monitored for Quality Purposes

Makes a bit more sense now. See Josh.

Billmon has a great take on polls showing public "support" of NSA wiretapping.
(Really, folks. Billmon is great, but he really shouldn't *have* to make this point. It should be obvious. Does the US still have free education? Why are so many not availing temselves of it?)

His column raises an interesting question: How *does* one poll on the "popularity" of wiretapping?

Caller: "Good evening Sir or Madam. The Media is reporting that the NSA has a database that tracks every call made by every American and likely can record and analyze every conversation. President Bush says that this is done to make every citizen safer. Do you support this program."

Callee: "Errr.....Yes! Yes I do! I support it 100%. Did I happen to mention that I always vote Republican? Viva Bush!"

This is the same phenomenon that we see in other, er.... in totalitarian states, such as Iran. When you talk to a person privately, the report that they like America and would love the opportunity to move there. Turn on the camera or microphone and they switch to chanting, "Death to America!, Death to the Great Satan!"

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