Tuesday, May 02, 2006

$100 Gas & $50 DVD Players

Every oil-industry pundit (just turn on the TV, you'll see one) insists that the cause for high oil prices is:

1) China
2) You

Talk about a monopoly! What other industry in this society can stand up so tall and point the finger at the true problem: their customers? *That* my friend, is power!

Every company will get up and say, "It's not our fault, the blame goes should be directed to ..." But it takes the petroleum industry to point straight out of the TV and say, "It's your fault, dumbass. That'll be a thirty-cent per gallon increase to you."

At least they try to take a little bit of the sting out by also blaming India and China. That only gets me to wondering more. Is the crap from Wal-Mart still cheap if it costs me $4 per gallon to go get it? Will cheap crap from Wally World make up for the difference? Guess it might if we still had job to pay for it.

I'm thinking that when Wally-World starts passing on the increased fuel costs, those Chinese chatzkies aren't lible to get cheaper.

As you ride your bicycle to the unemployment office, just comfort yourself in the knowledge that the $50 DVD player sure was worth it.

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