Thursday, May 11, 2006

A New Hope

Every day we try new things in the hope that they'll be better than the last thing we tried.

We try a new restaurant, hoping that it's food might be better than the others we've eaten at.
We try a new job, hoping that our co-workers won't be as boring/stupid/resentful/whatever as our last ones.
We try a new house, a new apartment, a new recipe... hell, a new child ... hoping that this one won't be as small, musty, flavorless or ill-behaved as the last one was.

In 2004, we even tried a new president, thinking that the new one would protect us better than the previous one hadn't.

Ok, so we didn't try a new president.

Why not? What are the odds that a new president would start an unnecessary war before winning the previous, necessary one? A new president couldn't possibly lose another whole city and ignore the fact for days. I'm sure that most any other president would at least notice a missing city. It wasn't hard to find... just follow the CNN news vans.

Why can't we just try a new whole administration? What are the odds that things would be worse? Do we trying to eek out two more "good" years out of this administration before risking a different* one? We'd probably even get a president that could speak english. Hell, we could install Allan Greenspan as president and be futher ahead in the Understandable Speech department.

What do we have to lose? Our jobs? Our houses? Our privacy? Our National Pride? Our National Dignity? Our security? Those things are already gone, but like Bush's reaction to New Orleans, we just haven't noticed yet.

Roll the dice, people!

* Sure, it's be different. They're party's name will be spelled completely differently.

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